We carry a wide range of seed mixtures specifically designed for LAWNS, SPORTSFIELDS, LANDSCAPING, RECLAMATION, GOLF COURSES and for CONSERVATION or WILD FLOWER AREAS.

Low maintenance mixtures are an essential part of modern gardens and landscapes both for the gardener as well as the professional user. Specifically bred varieties can considerably reduce the number of cuts required during a season, bring down mowing costs or allow a ‘wild garden’ effect to be created.

Sportsfields and high use areas require varieties forming a close knit turf which recovers quickly after punishment. Lawns which have a high visual impact must also have a dense growth habit but the grasses must be fine leaved and of good colour all year round. Grass varieties which give a clean cut are essential to give that well kept look.

Our range of amenity mixtures can supply all the above situations and many more. Contact us today for more information regarding the complete range.

The garden lawn can be sown with a fine grass mixture or one containing Ryegrass. We would recommend:-

HARDWEARING LAWN SEED (Containing Ryegrass)